The foundation of all dance is ballet and we have superb ballet teachers to make sure that our dancers foundation is firmly in place from the very beginning.  We start dancers in a Pre-Ballet class at the age of 4yrs as an introduction to ballet.  From there our ballet program has four different levels (all the way through pointe) so that each dancer is properly placed to make sure that they are learning everything correctly.

Each ballet class has an assigned colored leotard based on the class level.  Every dancer must wear their assigned leotard, Capezio pink ballet tights, Capezio/Bloch pink ballet shoes and have their hair in a secure bun with a hairnet.  Boys wear black shorts, white t-shirt and black ballet shoes.

Tap & Jazz

As an introduction to dance for dancers starting at age 4, we offer a combination class of both tap & jazz.  They are taught the fundamentals of tap and beginning basics of jazz in the same class.  As they grow and progress they can increase their skills with separate tap and jazz classes starting at the pre-teen age of 10-12yrs.

For the older dancers, we offer hour tap and jazz classes to continue their training in the desired style of dance.  Attire for the combination classes and tap and jazz class is dance clothes.  You cannot wear your regular street clothing to class!  Dance shorts, capris, leggings and dance tops are all acceptable for class and encouraged.  Dancers must have proper tap and jazz shoes for these classes.


Lyrical has become increasingly popular in the past few years.  Lyrical is ballet based combining technical elements of jazz, ballet and contemporary.

It focuses on freedom, fluidity, musicality and emotion through movement.  Due to this reason it is a highly technical driven class and is only offered to our more advanced students.